Cherry Irrigation: Quality that grows

Cherry Irrigation specialises in the design and implementation of all types of agricultural irrigation systems. We are an authority on irrigation and climate control systems for the greenhouse market. Based in the Western Cape of South Africa, we proudly serve a variety of businesses, both large and small, across Sub-Saharan Africa. With over 30 years’ […]

Young and Technology-minded: How Merlo makes farming more attractive and efficient!

“La Comuna” farm is an example of how technology and innovation make a virtuous, productive process possible. Here, nothing is left to chance and the fairer sex really matters, even in the choice of machines to use. The Valmori family believes in planning for success. And this is evident on arrival at their farm in […]

NviroTek Labs: Chemical analyses for different agricultural sectors throughout Southern Africa

NviroTek Laboratories is a world-class analytical facility that offers a range of chemical analyses of soils, water, leaves, feeds, forage, fertiliser, lime, growth media and compost for different agricultural sectors throughout Southern Africa. The required permits are in place to receive samples from most African countries. This independent, sophisticated laboratory was established after an extensive […]

Franklin Electric: World-class pumping system solutions provider

Franklin Electric Inc. is the leading manufacturer of world-class pumping systems – providing the highest quality, availability, service, innovation and value for money across the globe. Our high-quality product range includes FPS centrifugal, surface and submersible pumps, Franklin Electric motors and controls, Fhoton Solar Powered pumps, Mono progressing cavity pumps, Orbit helical rotor pumps, Rotorflo […]

Elead Packaging Solutions: Supplier of high-quality packaging machinery

More and more emphasis is being placed on community wealth and well-being by African leaders through promoting safer consumption of products by sound processing and packaging methods, as opposed to the consumption of unprocessed and possibly contaminated products. Drinking water throughout the most of Africa poses health risks to the communities that utilise this precious […]

ORO AGRI expands product range

ORO AGRI SA is synonymous with innovation, development and commerciali­sation of a range of highly effective, biorational products providing compe­titive solutions to serve growers’ increasing need to enhance yields and sustain crop health. Our proprietary concept, OROWET® Technology consists of a unique blend of cold-pressed orange oil, a completely renewable raw material, in patented mixtures […]

Johannesburg’s new ‘agripreneurs’ dig for green gold on skyscraper rooftops

The soaring “Chamber of Mines” building in central Johannesburg, a hub for South Africa’s mining industry, is a symbol of a bygone era when pioneers began flocking here in the late 19th century to dig for gold. Today, it is also the site of a new venture aiming to entice the city’s unemployed youth into […]

V.S.T. Tillers Tractors looking for distributors in Africa

V.S.T. Tillers Tractors Ltd. was promoted in 1967 by the VST Group of companies, a well-known century-old business house in South India. The company is now the largest manufacturer of power tillers in India, with a market share of more than 55%. In light of the growing demand for compact tractors, the company began manufacturing […]

Kenya: The entrepreneur who took a chance with starting a chocolate brand

In Kenya, Jazeera Suwani, the founder of Say It With Chocolate, is carving a niche for herself by producing artisan chocolates for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. “Making dairy-free chocolate started as a hobby for me because I am lactose intolerant,” says Suwani. After working as a physiotherapist for nine years, she quit […]

Listen: Bottled-water company reveals secrets to franchising success

This week’s Finding Impact Podcast (FIP) features Randy Welsch, co-founder of Jibu, a bottled-water franchise business with operations in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. FIP is a weekly series where Andy Narracott (@AndyNarracott) has conversations with people moving the needle in social enterprise. Each episode discusses strategy, tactics and practical advice to help you build […]

What needs to be done to give Africa’s smallholder farmers access to machinery

Mechanisation of agriculture has become a priority across many African countries as the continent gears up to exploit its well-recognised potential to become the world’s food basket. This comes on the back of the fact that African farming systems remain the least mechanised of all continents. Some 70% of farmers cultivate parcels of less than […]

Profit-making idea: Halal industry offering attractive opportunities

PROFIT-MAKING IDEA IS A SERIES OF SHORT POSTS, EACH WITH A PIECE OF INFORMATION THAT WE THINK YOU MIGHT FIND USEFUL: FOR INVESTMENT, FOR GROWING YOUR COMPANY OR TO START A NEW BUSINESS. READ OUR PREVIOUS POSTS HERE. Africa’s large Muslim population presents significant opportunities for manufacturers of halal food, cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceutical […]

The journey so far: Eli Pollak, founder and CEO, Apollo Agriculture

Eli Pollak is the founder and CEO of Apollo Agriculture, a company launched in 2016 that uses mobile technology, machine learning and remote sensing to deliver customised packages of seed, fertiliser, advice, insurance and credit to small-scale farmers. The company offers a holistic solution to smallholder needs, with its first product targeted at maize farmers […]

Entrepreneur quits Nike job to start food business in Rwanda

When Lauren Russell Nkuranga arrived in Rwanda with the Nike Foundation in 2012, she had the clichéd western belief that Africa is predominantly a place of war, poverty and disease, and is desperate for foreign-funded charity. But she quickly discovered that many countries on the continent were in fact growing at a rapid pace. For […]

‘You never achieve more than what you aim for,’ says entrepreneur of the year

South African entrepreneur Willem van der Merwe was 10 years old when he started his first business venture – a tuck shop on his father’s farm. Years later, he went on to found Africa Biomass Company (ABC), a land-clearing and wood-chipping business that specialises in recycling waste wood. It’s the “thrill of taking risk and […]

PetroMan® fuel management systems for agriculture

Is your Fuel being Used or Misused? PetroMan® supports the agriculture sector in its desire to improve efficiency and save costs by means of comprehensive, accurate and real-time fuel management. Established in 2001, PetroMan® is one of the leaders in fuel management systems in Africa, and we are highly respected amongst our clients across the […]

agri4africa, article, powderplast, powder milling, plastic resins

We at PowderPlast are a team of experts that specialise in dry powder milling (or pulverising) of plastic resins. At our various and unique milling operations, which are strategically-positioned around South Africa, we can accommodate our customer’s exact powder needs and specifications. We regularly processes resins such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, PP. The resin […]

Staalboer: Convenient bulk water storage

Staalboer is a Proudly South African company that manufactures steel panel reservoirs, with capacities and heights ranging from 15,000ℓ to 4,000,000ℓ, and from 1.3m to 4.9m respectively. The structures are fully galvanised and have a life expectancy in excess of 20 years. Our dams are made from flat steel panels with stiffening rings at the […]

Nulandis and Farmers Organisation Limited launches single dose range in Malawi

In a first-for-Africa, the Nulandis single dose range has been launched by Farmers Organisation Limited (FOL) to meet the unique needs of smallholder growers in Malawi. Specially designed to address issues regarding accuracy, affordability, and quality and safety, the single-dose packs come in a variety of sizes. Each is measured for use in knapsack sprayers […]

Torre Parts and Components

Introduction Torre Parts and Components manufactures and distributes quality branded parts and components into both the African and global markets. They operate across four distinct market segments namely, Automotive, Commercial, Off Highway and Industrial. Based in Johannesburg, with manufacturing operations in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, Torre Parts and Components is both ISO9001 and ISO14001 […]

Southern Cross Industries: Water-pumping windmill experts

Windmills were one of the first products manufactured by Southern Cross. Our skills and knowledge have been accumulated over nearly 110 years through continuous improvements in design and manufacturing. This on-going quest for excellence positioned Southern Cross as the undisputed, leading windmill manufacturer globally. Our agriculture roots date all the way back to 1871, and […]

Lasher: Africa’s number one manufacturer of hand tools

Lasher is Africa’s foremost manufacturer of non-mechanical agricultural tools. The South African-based company’s products are available across the continent. The main competitive advantage of Lasher Tools lays in the “Guaranteed quality” of our product. Our products carry the ISO9001 and SABS (South African of Standards) stamp. We acquire the above SABS ISO9001 certification through ongoing auditing of our products, […]

Kemin: Mycotoxins in animal feeds and Toxfin

Drought conditions from 2015 to 2016 have resulted in the lower production of essential crops, especially maize and soybeans. This led to increased stress on crops during growing, which may increase the risk of mycotoxin production. Additionally, as there is also a need for imported raw materials to meet demands due to reduced production from […]

Master Farmers: Leaders and legends

The book Master Farmers: Leaders and Legends portrays the success stories of twenty distinguished South African farmers and reflects the path each of them took to reach where they are today. The farmers were nominated by large agribusiness companies according to certain selection criteria. The interviews were done on their respective farms and, for the […]

Columbus Stainless: Local stainless steel producer sees growth in the agriculture industry

Stainless steel is found regularly in the processing sector of the dairy industry. It is used in the manufacturing of a range of items like processing equipment and storage tanks. The alloy’s hygienic properties are what makes it indispensable in this industry, and due to its low maintenance requirements, it has quickly become the go-to […]

Inavit iQ Consulting adding business value to agri-related industries

inavit iQ (Pty) Ltd is a South African based business consulting company with an international presence providing innovative services in the domains of business strategy, organisation design, leadership excellence, human capital and performance, customer engagement and business metrics. We work in all industries with a primary focus on the food sustainability, supply chain and logistics, […]

Getting the agribusiness edge

AgriEdge is a non-profit company presenting extensive expert knowledge and experience – gained over many years – in agriculture and other related business fields AgriEdge has a comprehensive network of associate experts which add value to our services and projects. Our three areas of focus in the company: Agriculture development training and technology transfer across […]

PPA: Complete equipment solutions for Africa’s poultry industry

Plasson SA (Pty) Ltd, trading as PPA (Poultry and Piggery Appliances), is one of South Africa’s oldest poultry equipment companies. It supplies a wide range of equipment and consumables to livestock farmers across the African continent. PPA is able to offer clients full turnkey solutions on poultry houses, including building work; complete feeding systems; watering […]

Lemco: Specialised steel fabrication for any shape and size

Who we are LEMCO Holdings Pty (Ltd) is a South African-based company that specialises in all forms of structural steel and is able to produce customised designs according to our clients’ specific requirements. We achieve this by utilising specialised resources from the different companies within our group. Our business is refined by years of experience […]

Why Your Diet is Not Enough

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5 Amazing Technology Ideas

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Chemex coffee for two people

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Botala Energy Solutions: Produce cheap electricity from agricultural waste

Botala Energy Solutions offers farmers and agribusinesses in Africa an opportunity to cost-effectively generate electricity from agricultural waste. By producing their own power, farmers can drastically reduce (even eliminate) dependence on the national grid. Botala is one of the first engineering companies in South Africa to provide turnkey renewable energy power plants of all sizes. […]

Power Plastics fumigation sheeting – ensuring efficiency and safety during the fumigation process

Power Plastics, a supplier of fumigation sheeting in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, was recently approached by a large tobacco manufacturer to provide fumigation sheets to cover their tobacco. The team was incredibly responsive and timely supplied hectares upon hectares of sheeting to save the crop from further infestation from bugs and pests. “We have an […]

Prefab Pro: Prefabricated building, installation and reticulation solutions for better African projects

Prefab Pro was established in 2011 to service the African and Asian markets with quality prefabricated structures and installation services. Our range of products will suit applications from housing, warehouses, workshops, hospitals, clinics and much more. We have operated successfully in Africa for five years and believe we can offer our clients the best product […]

Unbeatable prices on new left and right-hand drive vehicles from Zansta7

Zansta7 Traders is a South African company affiliated with re-exporting new vehicles. These include passenger cars, SUV’s, pick-ups, busses, vans and trucks – all of which come at extremely attractive prices. As the CEO of Zansta7 Traders, Lana Matheson has been dealing in Africa for over 17 years. The company has managed to sign agreements […]

Swartland Spray Pumps

Swartland Spray Pumps, located in Franschhoek, was founded in 1991 by Sarel Swart. We import machines from Teyme, spare parts and fan units from Solteka, and shears and plant thinners from Arvipo. We also developed our own RS Series Spraying Machines. At Swartland Spray Pumps our main focus is to supply machines to farmers across […]

Agricon: How the pelletising of livestock feeds can save (and make) you money

South African-based Agricon Pelleting is a worldwide supplier of pelletising machinery and feed handling equipment for agri-processing and factories. Agricon was established in 1993 and serves various customers in the animal feed market and the organic material market for fertilisers, composts and other value-added products. Pelletising, involving the compaction of materials into small dry pellets, […]

CFAM Technologies: Ready-to-eat Grain Snacks and/or Porridges Business Opportunities

Africa has the challenge of tackling increased poverty and a lack of food security. Large lower-income groups have the unfulfilled need of an affordable food product that is highly nutritious and long-lasting to support not only child development, but also adults in need of nutritious food. This problem can be alleviated and made into a […]

Backsaver: Innovative small-scale hand planter popular throughout Africa

South Africa’s Michris Janse van Rensburg has enjoyed considerable success with his Backsaver hand planter. He has also now launched a revolutionary new fertiliser applicator (see box below) and the Backsaver Combi – a manually-propelled combination seed and fertiliser planter. The products have proved to be a solution to many of the problems associated with […]

Agricultural training in Africa

Over the past few years Bathopele Agri Development Institute has trained more than 5,000 African farmers in agriculture. Some of their courses include emerging farmer development, operator training, smallholder development programmes and agri-contracting programmes, to name but a few! Bathopele partnered with John Deere to enable farmers in Africa, through training, to run agricultural contracting […]

Top quality fencing wire from Messrs Mertech Marine

Mertech Marine was the first company in the world to specialise in the recovery and recycling of redundant undersea telecommunication cables, and not surprisingly, is today the world leader in this uncommon field. One would think a company that uses massive naval ships to recover thousands of kilometres of undersea cable was started by a […]

Water Infra: Affordable water storage

Because water is the most important substance in the world and nothing can exist without it, Water Infra has made it their mission to supply affordable water storage and offer a large variety of systems developed over the last 52 years. Water Infra is divided into four divisions: 1. Erichsen Reservoirs We manufacture and supply […]

Agri Shalom: Creative livestock handling solutions

Agri Shalom is a manufacturer of high-quality livestock handling equipment. Our manufacturing plant is situated in Bloemfontein, South Africa which makes the sourcing of our equipment to different parts of the country very easy and convenient. We supply livestock solutions according to client’s specifications. We manufacture: Clamps Crushes and gates Loading ramps Scales Mobile equipment […]

BBF Safety Group: Full safety footwear solution, from one leading provider

BBF Safety Group (Pty) Ltd. (BBF) was born from a merger of some of the most respected safety footwear manufacturers in South Africa: Bagshaw Footwear, Beier Safety Footwear, Bronx Safety, United Frams and Wayne Plastics. With over 200 years combined experience in footwear manufacturing and a solid footprint in the African continent, the Group knows […]

New Trend Manufacturing: trailers designed for ease of use and built to last

Mini Skip Trailer * Easy to use * One-man operated * Hydraulic system Key Features The complete unit was designed for ease of use and safety in mind. All controls are in one lockable control box. The double axles distribute weight more effectively, making it easier and safer to tow. Technical Specifications Axles: 1,500kg each […]

Piket Implements: Economy grain planter for the progressive African farmer!

The Piket Economy No Till Maize Planter is designed for planting crops on smaller farms making use of tractor traction. It was designed to be used as a no-till planter, meaning that no soil tillage is required before planting. Seed and fertiliser are planted from a single row up to six rows (depending on the […]

Abax Corporate Services: International Management Company

Abax Corporate Services is a Mauritius-based International Management Company with representative offices in Johannesburg, London, Dubai, Nairobi and Mumbai. Abax provides integrated corporate, fiduciary, and business solutions to listed and unlisted multinationals, private equity funds, institutional investors, Development Finance Institutions and High Net Worth Individuals. Alan Witherden, Country Representative in Southern Africa, works with South […]

GSI’s ArchSpan instant barn: Store anything swiftly and safely

A barn on a farm is like diesel in your pick-up truck – you cannot go without it. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to tediously transport steel and bricks and to build bits of wall whenever the other farm work permits. With GSI’s ArchSpan technology, your instant solution is delivered to your farm as […]

Vitamech: A wide array of implements, machinery and spare parts

MacDon FD75 FlexDraper – The ultimate draper performance Recover your whole yield with ground-following, close-cutting, smooth-feeding, durable, dependable farmer-friendly header technology True ground following with three-section flexible header and split reel Conforms to the ground with minimal ground pressure Locks easily and quickly into rigid conformation Handles wet material and pods on the point of […]

Flexipump: An irrigation pump designed for the developing world

The Flexipump is an incredibly simple water pump designed primarily for small-scale farmers to better irrigate their crops or move water for livestock. However, it can also be used in construction or around the home. It only weighs 2.5kgs and is manually operated, which is perfect for rural areas, as operational costs are zero. We […]

Aqua King: Water enhancing solutions for agriculture and food industries

Aqua King specialises in the sanitation of water and has a patented treatment technology to deal with pathogenic micro-organisms. Its treatment systems have proven themselves over a wide variety of different applications in the agricultural and food industries. Aqua King’s electronically controlled system ensures quality potable water for wine cellars (influent and effluent), animal production, […]

Trojan Battery Company: Power for a wide variety of applications

Trojan Battery is the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries and a battery technology pioneer, having built the first golf car battery in 1952. Trojan batteries provide power for a wide variety of applications that require deep-cycle battery performance, including aerial work platform, floor cleaning equipment, golf and utility vehicles, marine/RV, material handling, oil/gas, remote […]

Experience the Agribusiness Powerhouse of Africa

Agri4Africa Agribusiness Tours & Events, in association with Boland Travel specialise in arranging agribusiness tours and trade missions to and from the African continent. We have a vision and passion for the development of commercial agriculture and agribusiness in Africa and have been working in agricultural development in Africa for more than two decades. Our […]

CTC Plant Company: Africa’s most experienced earth moving plant specialist

South Africa-based CTC Plant Company specialises in the sales and support of earth moving plant and equipment throughout Africa and internationally. The company was founded in 1992 by owner and director, Colin McOwen. Already a well respected industry player by the early 1990s, Colin made the bold move to form his own company. Backed by […]

Jooste: Quality borehole cylinders and pumps for Africa

The Jooste Cylinder & Pump Company (Pty) Ltd was established in 1967 by Mr Christie Jooste. Mr Jooste, a borehole driller at that time, had the vision to develop a borehole pump using a cylinder that delivered more water while using less power compared to the old brass cylinders. The first stainless steel cylinder was […]

Agrifeed Systems: Equipment for cost-effective animal feed production

South African-based Agrifeed Systems manufactures a full range of tested and proven feed processing systems that make the manufacturing of animal feed both labour saving and cost effective. Established in the 1960s, and under the current ownership since 1999, Agrifeed Systems is one of the oldest manufacturers of feed milling equipment in Africa. After many […]

Rebelo Agricultural Group: Your one-stop commercial vegetable production partner

South African-based Rebelo Agricultural Group is your one-stop commercial vegetable production partner for profitable projects across the continent. The company was founded by Jose Rebelo, who has 25 years experience in the agricultural industry. Because of his solid foundation stemming from immediate family and loyal long time relationships with farmers (friends), he has never been […]

Forestry not for those seeking a quick buck

Africa’s untapped agribusiness potential is currently a big topic. However, one area within the sector that doesn’t receive as much attention is commercial forestry. “It is probably true to say that all the talk around Africa and agribusiness is more focused around food, and I think it has to do with the fact that obviously […]

Top quality breeding material for profitable livestock projects in Africa

The Veterinary Import Export Authority (VIEA) solves all issues relating to the global import or export of live animals and products of animal origin. VIEA is your preferred supplier of pedigree beef and dairy cattle, sheep and goat, poultry and game breeding animals, embryos and semen from South Africa. The company is a closed corporation […]

Afrivet: Africa’s animal health specialists

When Dr Peter Oberem founded Afrivet Business Management in 2000 his vision was to create an animal health company that would provide for the unique needs of southern African farmers and animal owners. Initially this was aimed purely at obtaining products suited to the commercial market and being able to provide expert technical support.Through continually […]

Vida Longa: the ice cream solution for Africa is here

Imagine collecting your soft serve, putting it into your vehicle and driving from Cape Town to Cairo. When you arrive in Cairo, you take out your soft serve, nine months later, and serve your customers. This is now a reality. After 40 years in the ice cream industry, Dairy Innovation has developed a liquid long […]

Soda King franchise opportunity

Soda King, a South Africa-based manufacturer of soft drinks, purified still and flavoured waters, fruit juices and speciality malt drinks, is offering business people and entrepreneurs across the continent a unique franchise opportunity to establish a bottling plant in their country of choice. Soda King offers an amazing range of delicious carbonated soft drinks, as […]